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… And welcome to my website. Click on the Boat Projects tab and you will find detailed articles for the DIY boat owner, on topics such as building a self-steering windvane or re-designing the interior of your boat. And for the more literary-minded, check out the Captain’s Log.

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Back to the Garden

by Kevin Boothby The cameras are rolling. Jacinda bears her arm to the nurse, though not without stealing one last glance at the vial to be sure that she’s getting the placebo. She knows her company as the best of friends. They share the most noble vision for the Earth and all creatures great and…

Women in Sail

Most men have to prove themselves. They start from zero. If they didn’t already learn that from mom and dad, they will soon get the lesson applied with a sledgehammer by the women they attempt to seduce. Females, conversely, are handed a great bounty by nature Part I : Girls Against the Boys On the…

Frankenstein’s Secret

Knowledge the shade of a shade,Yet must thou sail after knowledgeKnowing less than drugged beasts”–Ezra Pound I. The Moral of Science In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a young university student discovers the animating principle of life. He constructs an eight-foot tall human from several fresh corpses. “It was on a dreary night of November” he writes,…


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