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Build Your Own Self-Steering Windvane

For the short-handed sailor planning long ocean crossings, a self-steering windvane is not essential but darn close to it. For boats with stern-hung rudders, constructing a self-steering windvane is a semi-skilled job and requiring only readily available materials ….

The law of nature is, Do the thing, and you shall have the power


Build a 7’7″ Nutshell Pram

This little vessel will serve as both a functional and classy tender for your yacht, and it’s fun to build, too!

Making your boat a home

The one-size-fits-all production boat may be fine for the weekend sailor, but the blue water live-aboard typically requires a custom fit. And typically he will be the one doing the fitting …

How to build an oar

Most chandleries carry factory built oars, and generally you can find the correct size for your dinghy. But sometimes not, especially if you need a larger oar, such as a sculling oar for your sailboat. In which case it’s time for a really fun woodworking project …

Build a hollow spar

I wish to replace the original solid Douglas fir gaff with a much lighter hollow gaff.

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You Bet Your Life

The story goes that once upon a time the famous philosopher and atheist Bertrand Russell was asked what he would say if he found himself standing before God, and God asks: “Why didn’t you believe in me?”   Russell replied: “I’d look him straight in the eye and say: ‘you didn’t give me enough evidence’”.… Continue reading You Bet Your Life

The Philosopher’s Sandbar

I sometimes find myself awake in the wee hours of the morning thinking:  “What the hell am I doing?”  I did a lot of education, and then seven years in the financial world. This was surely sufficient for a lucrative career track to a comfortable retirement.  But I only dreamed of going to sea, and… Continue reading The Philosopher’s Sandbar

Big Weather

I have always loved big weather events ever since I was a boy, from thunderstorms to hurricanes.  Recently, though having just crossed the half-century mark, I found myself following hurricane Dorian with pretty much the same intensity of my youth. I love big weather events when I am safely tucked away somewhere.  Conversely, when I… Continue reading Big Weather

To Remain Men

I recall an episode of Star Trek where orders had come down from Starfleet Command that the Enterprise was to be fitted with a new tactical computer, the M-5.  The proud papa of this technological wonder explains to Captain James T. Kirk that it can assess situations more accurately and make tactical decisions far faster… Continue reading To Remain Men


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