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Build Your Own Self-Steering Windvane

For the short-handed sailor planning long ocean crossings, a self-steering windvane is not essential but darn close to it. For boats with stern-hung rudders, constructing a self-steering windvane is a semi-skilled job and requiring only readily available materials ….

The law of nature is, Do the thing, and you shall have the power


Build a 7’7″ Nutshell Pram

This little vessel will serve as both a functional and classy tender for your yacht, and it’s fun to build, too!

Making your boat a home

The one-size-fits-all production boat may be fine for the weekend sailor, but the blue water live-aboard typically requires a custom fit. And typically he will be the one doing the fitting …

How to build an oar

Most chandleries carry factory built oars, and generally you can find the correct size for your dinghy. But sometimes not, especially if you need a larger oar, such as a sculling oar for your sailboat. In which case it’s time for a really fun woodworking project …

Build a hollow spar

I wish to replace the original solid Douglas fir gaff with a much lighter hollow gaff.

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“The Future is Female” Has Us All Going Broke

Modern feminized women are taught that men are either tyrants or incompetent boobs, so it’s better to rely on the government, as the government has the power to coerce men to hand over their money and to punish them for unacceptable behavior. Part I: The Assemblywomen I regard it as a matter of course that…

Back to the Garden

by Kevin Boothby The cameras are rolling. Jacinda bears her arm to the nurse, though not without stealing one last glance at the vial to be sure that she’s getting the placebo. She knows her company as the best of friends. They share the most noble vision for the Earth and all creatures great and…

Women in Sail

Most men have to prove themselves. They start from zero. If they didn’t already learn that from mom and dad, they will soon get the lesson applied with a sledgehammer by the women they attempt to seduce. Females, conversely, are handed a great bounty by nature Part I : Girls Against the Boys On the…

Opinion: why we would rather spend money on beautiful yachts than the poor

I recall watching an America’s Cup race on television with a college classmate of mine. That was in 1992, when America’s Cup race management had just switched from the old, heavy 12-meter yachts to the newer and larger IACC yachts. Working with a new class of yacht the competitors were still trying things out, and…


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