About Me

My name is Kevin Boothby and I have been sailing all of my life.  Or perhaps even before, as my mom said that she went sailing with dad when she was pregnant with me … anyway, I also developed an interest in physics and studied at the University of Chicago where I earned a PhD in 1996 (but please don’t hold that against me). Then I ventured off into the financial world when physics geeks were a popular hire, taking my first “real” job with Arthur Andersen LLP in Chicago.

But my love was always sailing, and once I had the means I was soon off on seagoing adventures.  I bought Ruth Avery in 2001, and sailed her around the world 2001-2004.  That was before affordable video cameras, and YouTube, unfortunately.  I returned to working in 2005, this time with Merrill Lynch Commodities in Houston, TX, until 2008 when the financial crisis left me out of a job. No matter, after an extensive re-fit I returned to sailing Ruth Avery.  Ahh, how sweet it is.

I have always wanted to be a professional sailor, but also wanted my own show, an outlet for my creative juices.  Along comes YouTube, the proverbial match made in heaven for me.  Let me just say at this point to all of you who follow How to Sail Oceans, thank you!  It means a lot to me.

Though I have managed to muddle through and more or less learn how to make videos, the written word is my natural habitat. Hence this site. Here I can write and publish whatever I want, so this is the unfiltered me. I hope that you enjoy the reading.

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